The Pinelands is the largest surviving open space on the eastern seaboard between the northern forests of Maine and the Everglades of Florida.

The Pinelands are an area of 1.1 million acres designated for special growth management rules.


It is one of America’s foremost efforts to control growth so that people and the rest of nature can live compatibly, preserving vast stretches of forest, rare species of plants and wildlife, and vulnerable freshwater aquifers.


Ghost towns, historic sites and legends such as the Jersey Devil preserve the Pinelands’ unique culture, telling the many stories of how humans have used and depended on the natural world around them. 

History, Facts, and Publications.

Pinelands Historical Timeline.png

Historical Timeline

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Unique Pinelands Places.png

Unique Pinelands Places

The Ecological Pine Barrens.png

The Ecological Pine Barrens of NJ

by Howard P. Boyd


Wildflowers of the Pine Barrens of NJ

by Howard P. Boyd

Batsto Village.png

Batsto Village

by Barbara Solem

Tribute to Gov Brendan Byrne - the Man w

Tribute to Governor Brendan Byrne - the Man who Preserved the Pines 

Groundwater & Aquifers.png

Groundwater & Aquifers

The Pine Barrens by John McPhee.png

The Pine Barrens

by John McPhee

A Pine Barrens Odyssey.png

A Pine Barrens Odyssey

by Howard P. Boyd

Ghost Towns.png

Ghost Towns

by Barbara Solum