A Collaborative Vision of the
Princeton Photography Club and Pinelands Preservation Alliance


What are maps

after all

but metaphors

for what we don't know?
At each juncture

of the human record of

perception of where we are

we see a little of

the near at hand

but what to know

what's over the rise

in the hill or

the far horizon at sea.

Copernicus & Kepler

gave us the first big


Darwin & Wallace

a new map

for thinking about origins

and how we came to be.

Freud & Jung

poked up awareness

of the unmapped unconcious,

Margaret Geller,

saints be praised,

gave us the first map

of the universe

that others have been

fleshing out ever since.

Yes, maps are metaphors

of the little we know

and a hint of where we

have to go.

Scott McVay